Council Meetings

Chaleur Regional Service Commission


Municipalities are bound by the Municipalities Act to provide certain planning services to their residents.  This can be done through an independent municipal planning commission or a regional commission comprised of municipalities and local service districts.  The first regional planning commission of the Chaleur Region was created in 1969.  In 1973 it was renamed Belledune District Planning Commission.  In 2013, it became the Chaleur Regional Service Commission.

The purpose of the commission is to provide professional planning services.  The Commission works closely with the participating municipalities, the provincial government and a number of private and public agencies to ensure a harmonious development of the community on the physical, economic, social and environmental levels.  The Commission dispenses a variety of services under the Community Planning Act, including urban and rural planning, development and building inspections.

Before undertaking any building or renovation work, including the installation of a pool, an accessory building or fence, please get in touch with the Commission.  A building permit could be required.

Building permits, building inspections, dispensations to the zoning by-law and subdivision plans are all provided by the planning commission.  The Belledune District Planning Commission is located in the Madisco complex, 702 rue Principale, Suite 130, Petit-Rocher, N.B.  The telephone number is (506) 542-2688.


***Please note, the latest version of this document has been update but has not yet been translated and, therefore, has not been posted.  Please verify for possible changes with the Town by calling (506) 542-2727.

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