Notice to Beresford citizens regarding COVID-19.

Modified on June 25th, 2020
This post combines all directives and announcements from the Town of Beresford related to COVID-19.
The objectives of the Town of Beresford are to: 1) Slow the propagation of COVID-19 among the population and its employees and to maintain the essential services delivered to Beresford Citizens, and 2) Support the public health authorities of New-Brunswick and Canada during this event.
The following public venues are closed:
-Réal-Boudreau Center (Arena) – closed for the season
-Rodolphe Boudreau Center (Sportek – Curling) - closed for the season
-Rodolphe Boudreau Center (Other activities) - closed in general but availalble for special activities with a pre approved operational plan.
-The Raoul Charest Center - closed in general but availalble for special activities with a pre approved operational plan.
Offices and administrative services are opened with certain safety procedures.
Municipal services
Public works: Our public work teams are working as usual with added safety precautions.
Garbage and recyclable collection: Collection resumed and is operating as usual.
Drinking water: Water samplings to ensure the quality of the water is proceeding as planned and there is no particular worry to have related to drinking water within the Town of Beresford.
Sanitary sewer services: We ask all users to not flush anything other than toilet paper in the system. Disinfecting and baby wipes, tampons and applicators, condoms, cotton swabs and all other products can block our pumps. This directive is applicable at all times but even more so during the spring melt and during this pandemic. We do not want our employees to have to manage emergencies related to broken pumps.
Firefighting service: Firefighters remain ready to intervene in case of emergencies.
Council meetings
-Meetings of council are organized with electronic means.
 The Town of Beresford will publish its notices in relation to COVID-19 on : The Town’s Facebook page at, on its website at and will send its notices to Max 104.9 FM and CKLE 92.9 FM.
General information about COVID-19
The situation and the information about COVID-19 is extremely fluid and changing rapidly. We direct you to the websites of the public health authorities to obtain up to date and accurate information about the situation.
Province of New-Brunswick :
Government of Canada :
A toll-free information line and email address, which offers services in both languages, has been set up to help answer non-health related questions, including questions about compliance with the state of emergency.
The number, 1-844-462-8387, is operational seven days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The email address is
We also ask you to only share information coming from reputable sources such as listed above and to refrain from sharing unfounded or outdated information.