Council Meetings

Administrative Employees

Please contact us at (506) 542-2727
Email: info@beresford.ca

General Manager
Marc-André Godin
Email: marcandre.godin@beresford.ca

Director of Strategic Relations
Vincent Poirier                  
Email: vincent@beresford.ca

Project Director of Tourism, Leisure and Community Development
Guy-Laine Legacé                 
Email: projets@beresford.ca

Marie-Josée Morrison
Email: mjmorrison@beresford.ca

Administrative Assistant
Danica Boudreau
Email: danicab@beresford.ca

Lynda Bernier
Email: info@beresford.ca


Public Works Employees

Director of Public Works
Serge Gionet
Office: (506) 542-2707                   
Email: sergegionet@beresford.ca

Treatment Plant Operator 
Maurice Proctor

Junior Operator 
Adrien Martin
Office: (506) 542-2711

Team Leaders
Roger Comeau
Valmond Hachey

Joël Doucet

Joffrey Arsenault

Seasonal laborers
Martin Friolet
Pierre-Luc Boudreau
Denis Grant
Danny Roy
Daniel Godin
Sébastien Mallet



Réal-Boudreau Centre Employees

(Under the supervision of the Director of Public Works)

Manager of the arena, parks and playgrounds 
Denis Grant
Office : (506) 542-2703
Pager : (506) 545-1518

Joël Doucet
Daniel Godin