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The Town of Beresford adopts a new visual image!

A presentation video can be seen here: https://fb.watch/3huL6frC2S/

Our new image is: Strong • Distinctive • Attractive • Actual. It was thought out and built to showcase a community that is:

Our new image is composed of the following elements:

Our Slogan: Naturally welcoming

Representing a proud and open community, one ready to welcome newcomers and tourists through the warm and authentic nature of its citizens along with a wide array of services and infrastructure.

‘I am proud of this new image; a community needs tools to promote itself and to affirm its identity and this new image meets those goals. Our citizens participated in great numbers to the surveys organized and this image is a product of their comments and thoughts about their town.’ Jean Guy Grant, Mayor of the Town of Beresford.

The various tools and promotional items of the Town of Beresford will be updated over time to reflect this new image.