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Animal Shelter Services

*Dog licenses are available at the Beresford municipal office;  $20.00 cash or check only.

The pound keeper is responsible for animal control.  Any person wishing to lodge a complaint against an animal owner must present this complaint in writing to the local police, the pound keeper or the town clerk.

Beniro Animal Shelter
87 Tremblay Street, Tremblay (New Brunswick)   E8J 3E4
Telephone: 783-2420, Pound keeper: Patrice Gionet

Animal Control Regulations are the responsibilities of the owner:

An animal owner shall not allow or tolerate:

i. that his animal run at large
ii. that his dog or cat disturb or annoy anyone bye barking, meowing or howling;
iii. that his dog bite or attempt to bite anyone;
iv. that his animal defecate in a public area or on private property other than his own ; should this occur, the owner must immediately remove all fecal matter.

Every dog owner shall:

i. have his dog registered within thirty days of becoming the owner and renew its registration before March 31 of each year;
ii. at the time of registration, provide proof that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies;
iii. ensure that the dog tag provided at the time of registration is attached to the dog's collar at all times;
iv. have any lost dog tag replaced as soon as possible.

No person shall place or allow to be placed on or near his property anything that will attract pigeons, gulls or other similar species that could be considered a nuisance to other people.
For information regarding dog tags, please contact the administration office of the Town of Beresford at 542-2727.