Council Meetings

In the Chaleur region, you will find several community adult learning, either Anglophone or francophone centres. These classes provide a second chance for:

1. Finish high school;

2 Find a better job.

These classes for adult learning provide learners:

1. Free training for those 18 years and older;

2 Program up to 30 hours of training per week (full or part time) (day or evening);

3 Catch-up school level 1 to 9 (English and math) and preparation for the GED;

4 Knowledge and skills to improve their ability to read and write;

5 Basic computer training program. 

For more information, here is our contact information:

Sylvie Robichaud
Directrice des opérations/Director of operations
Apprentissage pour adultes Chaleur Adult Learning inc.
(506) 549-5460