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Waste Removal for Beresford Residents

Pick up for household waste and recyclables is on alternating Wednesdays

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Robichaud & Brideau

Bulky refuse collection : Kitchen waste and rubbish such as bottles and other food containers must be wrapped in dry paper bags or plastic bags and securely tied.  These bags must not exceed one cubic meter or weigh more than 18 kg. (40lbs).

Paper and cardboard materials must be flattened and securely tied in a package.

Tree trimmings, hedge clippings and similar material must be cut in lengths not exceeding one meter and securely tied in bundles no more than one half meter thick.

Non-combustible material, broken and discarded household furnishings, waste material or rubbish left on premises following the construction, alteration, demolition, or repair of a building shall not be placed for collection but shall be disposed of by the owner as promptly as possible at his own expense.

Refuse containers shall not be placed for collection earlier than ten o'clock on the evening prior to collection day; however they must be placed at the edge of the street before seven o'clock in the morning on collection day.  All containers must be removed from the edge of the street within four hours of collection.

The garbage truck is equipped with an arm for easy dumping of garbage from special containers.