Council Meetings

Water & Sewer Services

Prompted by the rapid growth of the village, in 1974 the Municipal Council decided to provide water and sanitary sewer services to its residents.


Initially, a search was undertaken for an independent water source for the village of Beresford.  However, studies soon revealed that a shortage of fresh water in the immediate region and the exorbitant cost of such a project made the idea unfeasible.

A solution was suggested by the provincial government that the village share the City of Bathurst's water supply.  An expansion of the city's water treatment plant and the installation of a main water meter at the Beresford/Bathurst limits were funded by the provincial government in 1976.  Our municipality has its own distribution system and we are responsible for its maintenance.  The town of Beresford has a binding agreement with the City of Bathurst for the provision of drinking water.

Sanitary Sewers

The Town of Beresford has its own sewage treatment plant.  This includes a purifying system, a laboratory, pumping stations and a network of pipes which serve a large section of the municipality.  The system has been in operation since 1975.  The Department of Public Works is responsible for the expansion and maintenance of the sewer system.

For payments or other inquiries concerning water or sewer hook-ups, please contact the administration office at the Town of Beresford at (506) 542-2727 or in person at 855-2 Principale Street, Beresford during office hours.

After business hours, the emergency number is (506) 542-5783.

You may also pay your water and sewer bill with Service New Brunswick
a) Online : www.snb.ca
b) In person: 161 Main Street, Bathurst
c) By phone at the following toll free number: 1-888-762-8600