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Festival and Events

Beresford Fête l’Acadie!

Since Beresford has always had a long history of celebrating National Acadian Day, the Town in collaboration with its Cultural Development Committee established “Beresford Celebrates Acadie” in 2015. Building up to the main celebration, the days surrounding the 15th of August include Acadian-related competitions, the National Holiday Mass and the Torchlight Procession, an official ceremony with the raising of the flag and, of course, musical entertainment August 15th to celebrate our Acadian roots.

Details of Beresford Fête l’Acadie! will be posted on our Facebook page when available:

Groundhog carnival

The first Carnival, which began in the winter of 1974, is a carnival that takes place over several days and includes activities of all kinds for all ages.

The carnival dates coincide with Groundhog’s Day on February 2. According to tradition, on this day, one must observe the entrance to the burrow of a groundhog. If she emerges and does not see her shadow because the weather is cloudy, winter will end soon. On the other hand, if she sees her shadow because the weather is bright and clear, she will be frightened and will take refuge again in her hole, and the winter will continue for six more weeks.

The Carnival is organized by a group of citizens and you will find details on their Facebook page:


Organized by the Town of Beresford, the Festi-Plage takes place in early August, over the New Brunswick Day weekend. There are activities for all ages throughout the weekend, including an official ceremony on N.B. Day with the presentation of certificates of recognition to our volunteer citizens.

Details of the Festi-plage will be posted on our Facebook page, when available:

10 KM Chaleur

The 10 km Chaleur takes place annually on the 2nd Saturday in June. The race is popular with experienced runners for its speed and also with novice runners for the ease of the route.

Our event includes a 5 km and a 10 km run and a 5 km walk. Once these events are over, races of 300 m and 1 km are organized for children.

This is a family activity; we encourage people of all ages to participate and attend our spaghetti dinner and the awards ceremony once the races are over.

This event is organized in partnership with the organizing committee of the 10 km Chaleur, the Chaleur Running Club, the Carrefour Étudiant Beresford community school and the Town of Beresford.

The 10 km Chaleur will be on June 11th 2022 and it is now possible to register:

Beresford Regional, Commercial and Industrial Exposition

The Beresford Regional, Commercial and Industrial Expo is organized by the Beresford Volunteer Fire Department. The first exhibition was held in 1980 and each year it raises funds to support the purchase of specialized equipment for our fire department.

During this three-day exhibition, which takes place in late April – early May, there are more than 90 exhibitors representing businesses in our region who are on site to promote and sell their products.

The public is invited to come and visit the Beresford Regional, Commercial and Industrial Expo. to encourage the Beresford volunteer firefighters in their fundraising activity for their department.

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