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Recognition Awards

The Town of Beresford recognizes the dedication of the citizens of the community by presenting awards of recognition each year. The awards provide an opportunity for the municipality to highlight achievements in several different categories including arts and cultures, environment, community leadership, sports and recreation, active living, volunteering, etc. The recipients will be recognized during the New Brunswick Day celebration at Beresford Beach Park and will be followed by the New Brunswick Day celebrations.

Recognition Award Form


Deadline for the nomination : July 10 (before 4pm)

In person or by mail : 855-2, rue Principale, Beresford, N.-B., E8K 1T3

Fax : (506) 542-2702

Email :

Awards Date: NB Day (time to be announced at a later date)

Location : Beresford Beach Park (In case of bad weather, the presentation will take place at the Beresford Town Hall at 855-2, rue Principale)

For more information, please contact

with us at (506) 542-2727 or

Past Recipients

Recipient Category Year
Arsenault, Maryse Wellness and Community Development
DeGrace, Ulric Community Development 2021
Grégoire, Roger Wellness and Community Development
LeBlanc, Pierre Community Development
Michaud, Aurèle Cultural Development 2020
Robichaud, Emilien Community Leadership 2020
Roy, Lionel Community Leadership 2020
Thibodeau, Louise Sports Development 2020
Duguay, Daniel Community Leadership 2019
Perry, Mary Wellness and Community Development 2019
Schofield, Monique Wellness and Community Development 2019
Gauvin, Robert Wellness and Community Development 2019
Beaubrun, Serge Volunteerism Community Development 2018
Rossignol, James Community Development 2018
Soucy, Scott Community Development 2018
Astle, Marguerite – Independent Community involvement 2017
Beaudet, Robert Wellness Development and Community Service 2017
Foulem, Luc Sports development 2017
Hachey, Allain – Carnaval du siffleux Cultural and community development 2017
Roy, Lévis – Épicerie Frenette Community involvement 2017
Comeau, Sylvain Sports development 2016
Cormier, Diane Sports development 2016
DeGr Grâce, Robert Leadership and Community Development 2016
Losier, Paul Leadership and Community Development 2016
Parent, Rémi Sports Development 2016
Chiasson, Marc (Carrefour Étudiant) Community development and youth life 2015
Léger, Viola (Groundhog Festival)Community Development 2015
Rousselle, Cindy (Carrefour Étudiant) Socio-Cultural and Community Development 2015
Saulnier, Daniel (Bathurst Music Festival) Development in the Musical Arts 2015
St-Onge, Denis Sports development 2015
Boudreau, Serge Sports Development (Intermediate Baseball) 2014
Doucet, Romeo Community Leadership (Chal Baie) 2014
Godin, Lynn Sports Development (Minor Baseball Ass.) 2014
Pitre, Gilles (Knights of Columbus) Community Leadership 2014
DeGr Grâce, Allain Artistic development – improvisation 2013
Doucet, Manon Community contribution 2013
Landry, Marc Community development 2013
Lanteigne, Raymond International humanitarian actions 2013
Savoie, Réal Wellness and recreation 2013
White, Christine White Sports Development 2013
Blanchard, Thérèse Volunteer Services 2012
Boudreau, Mario / St-Onge Denis Sports et loirirs 2012
Boudreau, Mona Community Services 2012
Charest, Raoul Community Leadership 2012
Dugas Arts and culture (Musical artistic domain) 2012
Neilson, Annie (Touche-Tout Experience) Community Development 2012
Arseneau, Marc (Foxwoods) Affairs 2011
Aubé, Edgar Community Leadership 2011
Chicoine, Pierre (Acadiemie) Arts and culture 2011
Clavet, Roger Sports and leisure and active life 2011
Duguay, Daniel Volunteer Services 2011
Discovery Drill Manufacturer / DDM Ltd. (John & Darlene Labonville) Business 2010
Haché, Patrick Sports (Triathlon Chaleur / Seniors Games 2010) 2010
Leblanc, Léo Community Leadership 2010
Poirier, Bruno (In motion Chaleur) Leisure and active life 2010
White, Ruth Volunteer 2010
Boudreau, Janine (Galerie Jani-Art) Arts and culture 2009
Charest, Cécile Community Leadership 2009
Frenette, Léda Volunteer Services 2009
Guitard, Claude Sports and recreation 2009
Landry, Marc (Touche Organik) Environment 2009
Pépin, Donald (Beresford Fruits & Vegetables) Business 2009
Boudreau, Eric Sports and Recreation 2008
Boudreau, Jean Guy Business 2008
DeGr Grâce, Carol Arts and Culture 2008
Hentschel, Catherine Volunteer Services 2008
Pitre, Donald Community Services 2008
Robichaud, Roland Environment 2008
Boudreau, Mathias Sports and Recreation 2007
Duguay, Julie Arts and Culture 2007
Léger, Viola Volunteer Services 2007
Vienneau, Yvon Affairs 2007
Chiasson, Arismond “Junior” Sport and Leisure 2006
Grant, Denis Affairs 2006
Noël, Jason Arts and Culture 2006
Savoie, Michel Volunteer Services 2006
DeGr Grâce, Christine Arts 2005
Halley, Gilles Volunteer Services 2005
Poirier, Bruno Sports 2005
Rhéaume, André (Brunswick Lawn) Community Leadership 2005
Roy, Lévis Business 2005
Aubé, John Affairs 2004
Boudreau, Léopold Sports and recreation and active life 2004
Godin, Daniel Arts and Culture 2004
Pitre Gilberte Community Leadership 2004
Sénéchal Roger Volunteer Services 2004
Thériault, Sylvaine Environment 2004
Benoit, Claude Sports and Leisure 2003
Boudreau, Danny Arts and Culture 2003
Frenette, Raymond Volunteer Services 2003
Godin, Marc Affaires 2003
Roy, Ligouri Community Leadership 2003
Schwarz, Marianne Environment 2003
Boudreau Rodolphe Volunteer Services 2002
Boudreau Roméo Sports and recreation and active life 2002
Boudreau, Réal Community Leadership 2002
Landry Elaine Affairs 2002
Pitre Hugène Arts and Culture 2002
Volunteer Firefighters Environment 2002
Aubé, Line Sports and leisure and active life 2001
Boudreau, Jean-Paul Art and culture 2001
Chamberlain, Keith Affairs 2001
Municipality of Beresford Environment 2001
Léger, Paul Volunteer Services 2001
White, Ruth Community Leadership 2001
Association Ringuette Chaleur Sports and Recreation and Active Life 2000
Boudreau, Rodolphe Community Leadership 2000
DeGr Grâce Germain (Sanitary Ser) Environment 2000
Marché Beresford Market Affaires 2000
O’Connell, Patricia Volunteer Services 2000
Sénéchal, Adélia Arts and culture 2000
Knights of Columbus Environment 1999
Choir Emmanuelle Arts 1999
Losier, Paul Services to the community 1999
Pitre, Claude Social animation 1999
Roy, Ligouri – Lee’s Hyundai Business 1999
White, Henrietta Volunteer Services 1999
Arseneau, René, Yves & Patrice Arts 1998
Darveau, Philippe Services to the community 1998
Godin, Normand Volunteer services 1998
Lévesque, JB Construction Affaires 1998
BNPP Regional Police Social Animation 1998
Ultra Auto Repair Environment 1998
Doucet, Aubin Affairs 1997
Ireland, Greg – Tim Horton’s Environment 1997
Artistic Garden Arts 1997
McGraw, Reverend Robert Social Animation 1997
Vienneau, Yvonne (Doucet) Community services 1997
Arseneau, Jeannette Social animation 1996
Boudreau, Yvon Arts 1996
Knights of Columbus Community Services 1996
Landry, Bertha Services Bénévoles 1996
Recycling Beresford Environment 1996
Roy, Joël Affairs 1996
Baldwin, Edward Community Services 1995
Boudreau, Jean-Paul Arts and Culture 1995
Frenette, Marie-Louise Volunteer Services 1995
Gauvin, Edna Social animation 1995
Celebrity House (Christian Lafortune & Fidelin Doucet) Business 1995
Beresford Scouts Environment 1995
Beaudet, René Volunteer Services 1994
Blanchard, Thérèse Services to the community 1994
DeGr Grâce, Bob Affaires 1994
DeGr Grâce, Christine Arts 1994
Pitre, Gilles Social animation 1994
Arseneau, Jean-Guy Affaires 1993
Mgr-Rob Library. Environment 1993
Boudrias, Pierre Collective services 1993
Landry, Marcel Arts 1993
Ouellette, Diane Social activities 1993
Roy, Carmen Volunteer Services 1993