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What is FrigoMed?

First responders may arrive on a call where a person is unconscious or has difficulty communicating. The FrigoMed program is a personalized medical card, on which you have your medical history, the list of medications you are taking and your emergency contact information that you will place either on or in your fridge. This will allow first responders to see if you are taking any medication and the dosage, if you have had any major surgery in the last few months and if you have any allergies.


How does it work?

Residents of the Town of Beresford are invited to go at the Beresford Town Hall to pick up the kit. In this kit, you will find

– 2 copies of the form to fill out

– A sticker to put on your window

– A magnet to place on your fridge

– Two stickers to put on the envelope (or bag) where your form will be